¡Achtung! Body is one of the most popular personal training, massage and relaxation center in San Diego, CA. Many of our clients have sent us their testimonials about our services. See what our clients say about ¡Achtung! Body.  

“Rick at ¡Achtung! Body, located at "Body Zen" in the Village Hillcrest is fantastic! I'm an Occupational Therapist and I know that he understands my body very well! I recommend him to everyone!”
-Kevin Kaylor, Occupational Therapist  

“My Chiropractor says Rick at ¡Achtung! Body is a keeper! Also, my horseback riding trainer - and the horse - noticed immediate improvement in my posture. I was actually able to do what she had asked me to do and the pony was 100% cooperating because I was finally NOT hurting his back while aboard. For as long as Rick has his practice in SD, I'm sticking with him as my massage therapist”.
-Ilona Chodnicka, software engineer  

“Just had a massage with RICK FEINHALS. Absolutely the best massage I have ever had. I am an athlete with many sports related injuries (ACL, torn Achilles tended, Back, shoulder, etc. etc.) RICK was Fantastic, I even fell asleep in the end.
Thanks, RICK”
-Keith V. (Yelp review)  

“Rick Feinhals...I proposed several times, I think I snored once or twice, and the view was nice too. :-) I'm in love...with the massage. :-) Scale of 1-10...11 I'm sold...Can’t wait till my next appointment. My back was like a road map of potholes and speed bumps, and when it was all said and done...90 min later, I was a new man with a newly paved road.”
-Jeremy H. (Yelp Review)  

“Read the reviews online and had a massage last weekend with Rick Feinhals. Really fantastic -- one of the best massages I've had. He listens to what you need then provides a really great session. He also explains exactly what's going on with your body and what you need to watch out for. I'd highly recommend him.”
-John L. (Yelp Review)  

“I totally believe a massage is very therapeutic and something we should all consider as part of our wellbeing. A massage is not only very relaxing; it is also a part of staying healthy. I have had a lot of massages in my life and then I found Rick. Rick is one of the BEST and his technique leaves your body & mind very relaxed and energized. His massages are a total work of art. I have never experienced the talent Rick possesses. You can tell he totally enjoys & loves his profession”.
-Roberta Cox  

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