Everybody Needs a Mascot, Meet Ours: Tucker!

Why Tucker, you ask?

Because he embodies the lifestyle of what ¡Achtung! Body is all about. He works hard. True, he is not sitting at a desk like many people, however, he does keep quite the social life in bringing joy to the lives of many people.

He also plays hard. With at least one daily bark park trip and several trips to the beach on a weekly basis (he is nicknamed “seal” for his incredible swimming abilities in the water.) His body, like ours, gets sore, overworked and tired. Because he lives with a massage therapist (don’t be jealous now,) he receives treatment which helps with an old knee injury to his left leg, since surgery is not an option.

Tucker is living proof that massage offers a healthier, happier and more relaxed lifestyle for humans and animals alike!

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